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What Can Stem Cells Do (WHICH ONES ARE THE BEST)
Posted on 10/16/2018

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What Plastic Surgery Should I Get
Posted on 09/27/2018

Posted on 09/06/2018

How To Look 10 Years Younger At 60 (OR AND AGE)
Posted on 08/27/2018

Fat Transfer To Chest (Is It The Best Option?)
Posted on 08/13/2018

Making a Good Thing Even Better!

Losing weight is a great thing! It can improve your health, allow you to be more active and help build your confidence. However, losing weight can bring some unintended consequences. One of these consequences is loose skin. Many individuals who lose a significant amount of weight or lose weight too

Skin Can Show Signs of Stress

You probably know the signs of stress when it comes to your body: tension headaches, feelings of anxiety, neck and shoulder pain, and maybe even high blood pressure. Do you know that the signs of stress probably show up on your face too? Stress affects every single part of your body – including your

Is the Key to Great Skin In the Pantry?

The first ingredients that come to mind when you think of what you want in skin care likely include things such as retinol and hyaluronic acid. But would you ever consider maple syrup as good for your skin?Some researchers are hoping that you’ll soon say yes.Before adding Mrs. Butterworth’s to your

Research Reveals Potential Stem Cell Delivery System

​Researchers at Rutgers University have successfully created a biodegradable scaffold that will help to deliver drug therapy and stem cells throughout the body.This new development may mean new ways to treat neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Amyotrophi

Could Back Pain Be Something More Serious?

​When you think about osteoarthritis, you probably think about how it affects joints such as the hips, knees, hands and fingers. But did you know that this degenerative joint condition can also change your spine? Many people living with chronic lower back pain suffer silently without knowing that th

Stop Stress (and Autoimmune Flares) this Holiday Season

​The holidays - they are the most wonderful time of the year, and they're the most stressful time of the year for many individuals. For those who are living with an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or multiple sclerosis, it can also be a time for flares as a result of the stre

Get Real Relief with These Tips

​If you're living with rheumatoid arthritis, you probably already know a lot about inflammation. You know that inflammation causes pain and stiffness in your joints. You know that inflammation makes it hard for you to go about your day-to-day normal activities like work, school or caring for your fa

Parkinson's Treatments Could Lead to Serious Side Effects

​A recent research project by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has revealed potential for a new stem cell treatment for individuals living with Parkinson's disease. The study showed a new set of cell surface markers on the progenitor cells of the brain that create dopamine,

Out of Town Guests

We treat patients from around the country. We want your visit to the Innovations Stem Cell Center to be stress-free and seamless. As a result, we’ve provided some resources to make planning your trip easier:

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Treat Beyond Symptoms with Stem Cell Therapy

Neurological injuries, including stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries, are often devastating and leave sufferers living with pain, cognitive problems and disability. Find out how stem cell therapy can benefit people living with these conditions versus conventional treatments by calling Innovations Stem Cell Center at 214-256-1462 today for more information or to schedule a consultation. Although there have been advances in recognizing and treating neurological injuries, including stroke, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and neuropathy, the effects of these conditions can be long-lasting and for many people can mean lifelong disabilities, pain and paralysis. These devastating side effects can persist even with medical treatment, because in most cases, medical interventions for these conditions are aimed at treating the side effects of the condition instead of healing the damaged tissue at the heart of the situation.

Say 'See Ya' to Stubborn Fat

Have you lost weight but are frustrated because you have areas of fat that just won't budge? Why does your body hang on to fat in some body areas and let it go in others? Well, fat is necessary for the creation of the energy your body needs to operate its systems, like allowing you to digest food, create new cells and move your body. Fat also serves to cushion the organs and keep the body warm, too. As a result of its significant role, the body tends to keep fat as an insurance policy for the future.