New Year, No Joint Pain

New Year, No Joint Pain

Written on 01/29/2019
Bill Johnson

It's a new year, and that presents a new chance to live without painful joints. If you're walking into 2019 with knee, hip or shoulder joint discomfort and want something better than surgical joint replacement, consider stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell. It's not too late to give yourself this gift; we are helping patients all year long relieve painful joints without surgery!

Common Reasons for Joint Replacement:

Arthritis. The No. 1 reason for a joint replacement is arthritis. Whether you have osteoarthritis (degenerative), rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune) or traumatic arthritis (caused by an injury), when the cushioning cartilage in joints becomes damaged or begins to degrade, moving affected joints can be painful.

Genetics. Some genetic conditions can cause the cartilage in joints to break down prematurely, leaving bone touching bone when your joint is engaged. When this happens, moving or using affected joints can be very painful.

Age. The aging process causes our joints to break down after being used for many years. If you're noticing that you're no longer as active as you used to be because of joint pain, it's time to call Innovations Stem Cell for relief.

Why Choose Stem Cells This Year

When your joints hurt, it hurts to move. When it hurts to move, you become less active. When you become less active, you start sitting around more and may even begin to feel bad about being stuck and sedentary. You could also gain weight, which can mean more stress on your joints, and the cycle of pain and inactivity continues. 

If you want to end the cycle but do not want to go through more pain and potential complications of joint replacement surgery, Innovations Stem Cell can help with fat stem cell therapy.

Fat stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that works for individuals living with joint pain or pain from other musculoskeletal injuries by restoring damaged or degraded cartilage tissue. Stem cells have the power to rebuild lost cartilage because they generate new cartilage cells without limit.

No Surgery, Seriously?

Yes, no surgery - seriously. All stem cell therapy requires is a tiny incision and a few minutes of liposuction to harvest fat cells. Once the cells are collected, they are separated from blood and other cells and returned to you, usually though IV or injection. You may not even need a bandage after your procedure. You won't require the lengthy recovery process of surgery, post-surgical physical therapy or risks of complications. This means you will be back to your routine and without pain much sooner!

Just because Santa didn't bring you a new joint doesn't mean you have to live in pain for 2019. Give yourself the gift of living pain-free by calling Innovations Stem Cell at 214-256-1462.