Say 'See Ya' to Stubborn Fat

Say 'See Ya' to Stubborn Fat

Written on 08/29/2018
Bill Johnson

Have you lost weight but are frustrated because you have areas of fat that just won't budge? Why does your body hang on to fat in some body areas and let it go in others? Well, fat is necessary for the creation of the energy your body needs to operate its systems, like allowing you to digest food, create new cells and move your body. Fat also serves to cushion the organs and keep the body warm, too. As a result of its significant role, the body tends to keep fat as an insurance policy for the future.

But, have no fear, there is a way to make that stubborn fat move despite your body being reluctant to let it go. It's called Smart Lipo.

What Is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is an innovative form of liposuction that does two things: First, it removes stubborn pockets of fat, and second, it helps to give a shapelier final appearance because it induces the body to produce more collagen, the protein necessary for firm, tight skin.

Where Can Smart Lipo Be Used?

Smart Lipo can be used in the typical areas of liposuction, such as the midsection area (think "love handles" or "muffin top" region) and the inner thigh. Smart Lipo is also a powerful tool in removing fat from other body areas, such as the:

Outer thigh. Liposuction can help target fat that won't budge from the outer thigh/"saddle bag" region. This area is hard to work out with exercise, and Smart Lipo can give you an advantage that the gym cannot.

Neck. It can be really frustrating to lose weight all over your body and face but still be saddled with stubborn fat around your neck. Instead of tucking your chin into a turtleneck and hiding it, consider Smart Lipo to get rid of it for good.

Knees. The body can be sneaky about where it stores fat and may stash some in unlikely places, such as the backs or inner area of the knees. Fat accumulation in this area is difficult to get rid of, no matter how many leg presses you do. Knee liposuction can get rid of fat around and behind the knees and can be combined with liposuction of the thighs as well to give you great-looking legs.

Back. Fat can also be stored in the back - both the upper and lower back regions. For women, the fat in the upper back can cause a "bra bulge," and for both men and women, fat in the lower back area can make clothes fit uncomfortably or look bad. You don't have to live with back fat; you can banish it forever through Smart Lipo.

Get rid of stubborn fat for good. Schedule a Smart Lipo session with Innovations Medical Center today by calling 214-643-8665.