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Say Goodbye to Pain

Written on 02/19/2019
Bill Johnson

Have you been living in pain because of osteoarthritis, a sports injury, rheumatoid arthritis or another joint condition? If you have experienced pain, swelling, discomfort and decreased range of motion because of painful joints, we have something that can help. No, not a conventional treatment like a steroid or another prescription for a pain reliever. Instead, we offer you a chance to heal your damaged joints from within using fat stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell.

How Does Fat Stem Cell Therapy Heal?

Fat stem cells can heal injured joints because fat stem cells can differentiate into healthy, new cartilage tissue cells to replace cartilage tissue that is missing or has been damaged. When missing or damaged cartilage is replaced, the bones in your affected joints are once again cushioned, which means less pain for you when you move.

The Bigger Picture

Fat stem cell therapy can help heal your damaged joint, but it also has an additional benefit. Being treated with your own stem cells means no chance of rejection or adverse reaction because it’s your tissue! In some cases, individuals who have been treated with stem cells have even been able to put off or avoid joint-replacement surgery because of their stem cell treatment.

Why Choose Fat Stem Cell Therapy?

Why not? Everything else you've tried has most likely not worked or has worked for just a little while. Stem cell therapy is different from conventional treatments for arthritis. It's different because instead of treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis and other joint conditions, it gets to the heart of the matter and heals the tissues that have worn down as a result of overuse, injury, age or illness.

You deserve to live pain-free. For more information about how fat stem cell therapy can help relieve your osteoarthritis and other joint-related pain, call Innovations Stem Cell today at 214-256-1462 to schedule your consultation.