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on 01/31/2019

Don't Forget About Vitamin D

​Many individuals living with diabetes also suffer from a complication of their condition known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by pain, aching, burning and numbness, which for many individuals is unrelenting. These side effects can make day-to-day living diff

on 01/16/2019

A Lasting Impression

​Are stem cells using injuries as practice for future healing?Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham and Women's Hospital say it is possible.Stem cells, the cells on which all of the body's tissues are built, have long been considered "blank slates" by researchers. But,

on 01/15/2019

Take a Deep Breath

​If you think about a person with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, you may picture someone who requires an oxygen tank to breathe easier. While many individuals diagnosed with COPD reach the point of needing oxygen, the condition often starts very slowly and without drastically notice

on 01/11/2019

Fact or Fiction?

​Interstitial cystitis is a condition that most people know nothing about. Heck, even most people living with the disease don't know everything about it. It doesn't help that there are dozens of myths about the condition and a myriad of treatments that muddy the waters, too. Innovations Stem Cell Ce

on 01/11/2019

Gout, Gout, Let It All Out

​Swollen joints? Pain? Stiffness when you move? Inflammation? Is it gout? Maybe. Or is it rheumatoid arthritis? Could be. RA and gout are two different types of arthritis with different causes and different treatments, but they have very similar symptoms. Here are a few ways to tell them apart.What

on 12/18/2018

Less Testosterone, More Autoimmune Disorders?

​According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, the majority of the 24 million individuals living with an autoimmune disease in the United States are women.In fact, women are three times more likely than men to develop an autoimmune disease. In the case of lupus, women have a nin

on 12/16/2018

A Diagnosis That Changes Everything

​Living with diabetes means blood sugar checks, watching what you eat, insulin injections and an increased risk of developing painful peripheral neuropathy. It also means you have a higher chance of having a heart attack or a stroke than individuals who are not living with diabetes. If you're a woma

on 12/16/2018

Actress Reveals MS Diagnosis

​Actress Selma Blair shocked fans and peers in the entertainment industry when she revealed that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Blair, 46, joins other stars living with the condition, including Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, country singer Clay Walker and reality TV star and son of

on 12/15/2018

Don't Shoulder the Pain!

​Are you living with nagging pain in your shoulder that just won't go away? Or does it go away for a bit with meds, ice and rest, but comes back eventually? Is it keeping you up at night or keeping you from doing your favorite activities? If the pain in your rotator cuff just won't quit and you feel

on 11/19/2018

Research Reveals Potential Stem Cell Delivery System

​Researchers at Rutgers University have successfully created a biodegradable scaffold that will help to deliver drug therapy and stem cells throughout the body.This new development may mean new ways to treat neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Amyotrophi

on 11/19/2018

Could Back Pain Be Something More Serious?

​When you think about osteoarthritis, you probably think about how it affects joints such as the hips, knees, hands and fingers. But did you know that this degenerative joint condition can also change your spine? Many people living with chronic lower back pain suffer silently without knowing that th

on 11/16/2018

Stop Stress (and Autoimmune Flares) this Holiday Season

​The holidays - they are the most wonderful time of the year, and they're the most stressful time of the year for many individuals. For those who are living with an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or multiple sclerosis, it can also be a time for flares as a result of the stre

on 11/16/2018

Get Real Relief with These Tips

​If you're living with rheumatoid arthritis, you probably already know a lot about inflammation. You know that inflammation causes pain and stiffness in your joints. You know that inflammation makes it hard for you to go about your day-to-day normal activities like work, school or caring for your fa

on 11/16/2018

Parkinson's Treatments Could Lead to Serious Side Effects

​A recent research project by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has revealed potential for a new stem cell treatment for individuals living with Parkinson's disease. The study showed a new set of cell surface markers on the progenitor cells of the brain that create dopamine,

on 11/13/2018

Talk About the Elephant in the Room

​So, you've received a diagnosis, but now what? Do you go on living with your condition, or do you seek treatment? What if that treatment is painful, embarrassing or doesn't work? Then what? Instead of avoiding the elephant in the room and living in secret with your discomfort, call Innovations Stem

on 10/26/2018

Minimize Lupus Flares

​Have you been diagnosed with lupus? If so, you may want to make an appointment with Innovations Stem Cell Center to talk about photosensitivity and how it can affect your condition. Photosensitivity is a trigger for many people living with lupus and can cause flares of painful symptoms. Learn more

on 10/19/2018

Say No More to Knee Pain

​Struggling with knee joint pain caused by osteoarthritis? If you are living with pain and discomfort in your knee joint, there are some things you can do to help improve your symptoms and slow down the progress of your condition. One way you can find relief from your osteoarthritis-related knee pai

on 10/19/2018

Reduce the Risk of Developing Peripheral Neuropathy

​This summer, Colorado State University football coach Mike Bobo took to Twitter to announce that he was undergoing treatment for peripheral neuropathy after experiencing numbness in his feet. Bobo is one of 20 million Americans living with the pain of peripheral neuropathy in the United States.What

on 10/17/2018

Stem Cell Research May Mean More Treatment for Myelin Diseases

​New findings from Case Western Reserve regarding brain stem cells may yield explanations for the development of conditions that affect myelin in the human body.Myelin is a fatty substance made up of proteins and phospholipids that serves as a protective sheath, or covering, over many of the body's

on 10/01/2018

Stem Cells Stay Powerful Despite Age

​Does the age of the stem cells matter when it comes to treatment? No, according to new research. This discovery is a significant step in stem cell research for two reasons: It shows that adult stem cells are as potent as embryonic stem cells, and it shows that no matter your age, you can still bene