Not Just About the Clot

Not Just About the Clot

Written on 02/18/2019

At the Innovations Stem Cell Center, three things are at the heart of most of what we do: fat, stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. Why do we love these things so much? Well, because they are potent healers found right in our own bodies. We talk a lot about the power of stem cells to heal and the benefits of fat. But what about platelets?

What Are Platelets?
Platelets are plate-shaped cells found in the blood that help with clotting after an injury.

Not Just About the Clot

Platelets not only help the blood to clot, which means saving us from bleeding to death, but also have some other benefits, such as:

Healing Factors. Platelets are full of growth factors and healing elements that can help repair damaged tissues. This makes them ideal for treating conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries, immune diseases and other conditions. Platelets are also excellent healers of tissue that has been damaged by age, such as the skin, and play a significant role in cosmetic anti-aging treatments like the PRP facial.

Signaling Cells. Platelets are a critical part of healing because they signal the body's immune response to turn on by triggering immune cells to act, inflammation to begin and to tell the body to start attacking potential microbial invaders.

Transport Team Members. Not only do platelets help heal, but they also help pick up and deliver chemicals such as serotonin to different body areas and organs.

Early Engineers. Platelets also help construct the vascular or blood vessel system in newborns.

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