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Could Back Pain Be Something More Serious?

Written on 11/19/2018

When you think about osteoarthritis, you probably think about how it affects joints such as the hips, knees, hands and fingers. But did you know that this degenerative joint condition can also change your spine? Many people living with chronic lower back pain suffer silently without knowing that their discomfort is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage that cushions the vertebral joints of the lower back.

Spinal Osteoarthritis

Like osteoarthritis of other joints, spinal osteoarthritis develops when the cartilage that cushions the facet joints in the lumbar (lower) part of the spine begins to degrade as a consequence of age, genetics, lifestyle factors or injury.

Some Signs That It Could Be Spinal Osteoarthritis

When this cushioning cartilage breaks down, the vertebrae begin to touch when you move. The result is pain and inflammation, which causes stiffness and can make moving painful.

Other symptoms of spinal osteoarthritis include:

Stiffness. Stiffness in the back and the neck may be especially noticeable upon standing after lying down or sitting for long periods.

Weakness or numbness. Are you experiencing weakness or numbness in your legs or arms? If so, it could mean a severe case of spinal osteoarthritis that is impacting your spinal nerves or spinal cord.

Impact on day-to-day activities. Is your back pain affecting how you live your life each day? When spinal osteoarthritis becomes severe, it could prevent you from doing the things you love or even the things that you need to do, such as working, caring for your family or even just walking around the house or up and down the stairs.

Many people living with spinal osteoarthritis also experience feelings of depression or helplessness when their condition begins to interfere with their day-to-day life.

If you're living with the pain of spinal osteoarthritis, you have a few options for treatment. While conventional therapies such as pain relievers, steroid injections, lots of rest and surgery may help, they are not always practical, require long periods of recovery and do not provide long-term relief. One option that does provide relief is fat stem cell therapy from the Innovations Stem Cell Center.

The benefits of fat stem cell therapy include:

Less pain. Many patients who receive fat stem cell therapy from Innovations Stem Cell report less pain and inflammation in their back.

Improved range of motion. When pain and inflammation are decreased, range of motion improves and getting around is easier.

A better quality of life. When patients experience less pain and improved motion and mobility, they are able to participate in their favorite activities and experience an improved quality of life.

It is fast. Fat stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive treatment, which means it's fast and requires minimal downtime for patients.

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