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Liposuction Body Sculpting Before After

Posted on 04/13/2019

Liposuction Body Sculpting Before After done on live tv. Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical in Dallas, Tx performs a liposuction procedure on lovehandles and does a breast fat transfer all during Good Morning Texas. Liposuction is still the best procedure for body sculpting. There are many options of liposuction out there, so make sure you do your research. Also, it is not necessary to be put under for liposuction body sculpting. Many plastic surgeons will tell you that you must be put under general anesthesia, but this is not the case.

Innovations Medical provides our patients with the best treatments available for skin care, body shaping, stem cell treatment, and other cosmetic procedures. We are often one of the first practices in the nation to offer new technological advances in body shaping and skin rejuvenation. Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Bill Johnson, has been serving the Dallas / Ft. Worth community since 1984.


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